• Improvement of the global knowledge in the field of haemostasis for the purpose of more efficient prevention, diagnosis and treatment of haemostasis disorders;
  •  Organization of professional meetings in domain of haemostasis;
  •  Promotion of medical disciplines associated with haemostasis and thrombosis;
  •  Further development and improvement of SSHT;
  •  Accomplishing professional cooperation with other national and international haemostasis and thrombosis associations;



  • Regular SSHT meetings taking place 2-3 times a year with participation of the committee members where up to date topics and future activities related with SSHT are discussed and planned;
  • Organization of the SSHT professional meetings with the participation of local and international lecturers;
  • Close cooperation of SSHT with Danubian League against Thrombosis and Haemorrhagic Disorders and active participation in the organization of meetings of this eminent international haemostasis association.